Shelters in Little Rock and North Little Rock


Immerse Arkansas
PO Box 45385
Little Rock, AR 72214 
Youth ages 16-22
Provides supportive housing for youth ages 16-22 who are aging out of foster care, runaway, or homeles, or victims of sex trafficking or sexual exploitation

Mid AR Substance Abuse in LR, AR  
4601 W. 7th Little Rock, AR 72205 
Shelter for the indigent and others who need detox  

St. Francis House 
2701 S. Elm Little Rock, AR 72204 
Homeless veterans program 

Union Rescue Mission Dorcas House 
823 S. Park Street Little Rock, AR 72202 
Outreach to women and children begin at Dorcas House.  We provide services like food, shelter, clothing and crisis intervention. 

PATH- Partners against Trafficking Human 
PO BOX 21066 Little Rock, AR 72221 
Provide safe housing and a program of restoration and reintegration for rescued victims of Human Trafficking and prostitution. 

Gaines House 
1702 Gaines Street Little Rock, AR 72206 
Transitional living shelter for women 18 or older who have been treated for mental, physical or emotional disabilities 

The Salvation Army Shelter
1111 W. Markham Little Rock, AR 72201 
Single men, single women and family shelter. 5 free nights per month

Family Promises of Pulaski 
222 East 8th Street Little Rock, AR 72202 
Provide shelter, food, transportation and case management for homeless families with children under 18.  

Jericho Way Day Center
3000 Springer Blvd Little Rock, AR 72206 
M-F 7:30am -3 pm 
Homeless day center, clothing closet 

A.B.B.A. House
1002 South Oak St. Little Rock, AR 72204 
Provides shelter for homeless and/or pregnant women, Non-pregnant woman can stay up to 3 wks., pregnant woman can stay up to 1 month after the child is born, NO drug problems or mental illness.  

Center for Youth & Families, Youth Emergency Shelter 
6425 W. 12th St.  Little Rock, AR  72204 
Shelter for homeless and runaway youth, ages 8-18, wheelchair accessible, children may stay up to 45 days.  Must be a DHS client. 

Dorcas House
823 South Park St.

Women’s domestic Violence Program
9-month program for women and children
A division of Union Rescue Mission 
Little Rock, AR 72202 
Children in domestic abuse situations, male children allowed through 17 years of age (on a space available basis). 50 beds available for women and children. Recovery Program: 9 month recovery program for women with substance or alcohol addiction. Children are NOT permitted to remain with women in Recovery Program. Wheelchair accessible. 

Empowerment Village
3604 W. 12th St.  Little Rock, AR 72204 
501-663-7223 Ext. #210 
For Arkansans with special needs, i.e.: limited income, homeless or has disability affecting their income and need for supportive services. 

Little Rock Compassion Center (Men’s) 
3618 W. Roosevelt Rd., Little Rock, AR 72204 
Men’s homeless shelter must have ID and be over 18. Must be sober, no medical services available. 

Little Rock Compassion Center (Women’s) 
4210 Asher Ave.  Little Rock, AR 72204 
Women’s homeless shelter must have ID and be over 18. Check-in 3:00pm. 
Nehemiah House, A Division of Union Rescue Mission 
2921 Springer Blvd, Little Rock, AR 72216, 
(501) 374-1108 
Men’s homeless shelter, 4-free days per month, free if the weather is below freezing, after that $6.00 per day (includes breakfast and dinner.) You must be out of the building daily by 7:00am. Once in at night you cannot leave and re-enter. Weapons, tobacco, cell phones, drugs and alcohol not permitted on the property. Work Program – 36-bed facility for working homeless – This program is 6 months and for the working homeless. Recovery Program – 46 bed facility – 9-month recovery program that is faith based in nature. Wheelchair accessible 

Our House 
302 East Roosevelt Road, Little Rock, AR 72206, 
(501) 375-2416 / (501) 374-7383 
Working shelter for men, women, and families, wheelchair accessible, long term shelter available (up to 2-years). Many educational programs, meals, clothing and classes available, domestic violence recovery. Must be working a minimum of 32 hours a week soon after moving in. 

Phoenix Recovery Center
104 North Battery, Little Rock, AR 72205, 
(501) 725-4907 
Transitional housing for women only. 

Salvation Army
1111 West Markham, Little Rock, AR 72201, 
(501) 374-9296 / (501) 374-8636 After 3:30pm 
Emergency shelter for women, and families, opens at 6:15pm. 

Union RESCUE Mission Transient Lodge  
615 Magnolia N. Little Rock, AR 72114 
Homeless Shelter for Men. Can stay up to 5 nights.   

Firm Foundation Ministries 
2200 East Broadway North Little Rock, AR 72114 
Men’s homeless shelter and half way house